Welcome to the Activ Web Design Franchise website!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through our website, you should be able to access a whole wealth of information on how we have grown over the last 4 years and how the Activ Web Design franchise could work for you.

The purpose of this website is NOT to try and sell you anything, it is meant as a guide to help you decide if this franchise opportunity is for your or not! It is perfectly ok if it isn’t for you, we are looking to work with successful entrepreneurs with a real passion for running their own business and who will have the drive to make a successful franchise. We are looking for dedicated individuals who want achieve work life balance to improve their way of life!

If you would like to work LESS and earn MORE then grab yourself a nice hot drink and check out our helpful pages, FAQs, Videos, Success Stories and decide for yourself!

In July 2010 a survey was run and responses were received from 205,714,253 websites. Look at the chart below and you will see over the past 15 years this industry has experienced overwhelming growth.

With more and more people setting up their own business and searching for financial freedom and the power to be in control of their own future you can see why they are choosing Web Design.

Did you know hundreds of websites do not work for businesses? Why? Reason being is that the person who designed the website forgot to ensure the website is constructed in such away that actually benefits a business. Here at Activ we will teach you to design websites that benefit organisations in your area. You will become a community champion responsible for providing a service that has massive benefits for local organisations.

You will take great pride in delivering a much needed service to your local community.

Imagine if you were the person who received this feedback…

“We have won two contracts valued at 70k both of which were purely down to getting involved with Activ.” - Steve Hair

How great would it make you feel knowing what you have provided has benefited your customers? Imagine the sense of achievement and self fulfillment.

Your potential market isn’t just organisations who don’t have a website, it also includes every organisation that has a website already that isn’t seeing the benefits they expected.

Over the years Activ Web Design has been responsible for producing websites for hundreds of organisations throughout the UK.

Low Cost Franchise

I want to take this opportunity to make you aware that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, this opportunity will require your time and effort. Your desire, motivation and skills will dictate how successful you are with this business. It is important you follow the advice shared and work hard at all times.

That said you don’t need to dedicate every minute of every hour of every day (you can if you want) to Activ Web design as the beauty of this opportunity is that is allows you to work when you want to and gives you the flexibility to work round your family and still maintain a full time job.

Do you want to achieve a better work/life balance

If you do, watch the video below from Cecilia and John Holden where they explain their experiences with Activ Web Design.


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